About Group intelmac

M/s. Intelmac was established as marketing organization for world class machine tools in 1981.

Intelmac brought into India some interesting & good value machines in the market from reputed manufacturers worldwide. The activity has grown over the years and M/s. Intelmac Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. is recognized as an established player in the machine tool field in India.

Over the years, many new product lines and activities were set up in response to the market requirements and the matching experience acquired by the companies with the projects handled. All the companies and SBUs have evolved an identity as Group Intelmac. The group has earned a name as leading supplier of Hi Tech Machine Tools, Industrial Automation Products & Innovative Motion Solutions with excellent after sales service support & expertise in respective fields.

Group Intelmac ensures servicing of it’s customers with technologically up-to-date products, domain knowledge and hands-on experience for being able to provide innovative solutions that meet the expectations of industries towards increased productivity, assured quality, flexibility to be future ready as well as with a best value proposition.

As a group we have been tracking opportunities in various segments of the industry in India through direct marketing on the field as well as participation in & visiting various relevant exhibitions.

In the journey over past 30 years, we formed several companies in order to have a good focus on respective product lines and each with it’s own team, structure and investment.

Group Intelmac will continue to grow as well as consolidate it’s operations in the fields or domains relevant to it’s evolution till date.

We have a network of sales & service offices located in 8 cities for being close to our customer sites. Each office is equipped for a comprehensive support to our customers. We are present in Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Chennai.